Karen Ritchie, Acupuncturist

Rodan + Fields

On Monday, August 24th I became a Consultant for Rodan + Fields!


I have been in health related fields for many years and at present I have a thriving acupuncture practice in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  My goal is always to empower my patients/clients in finding what will help them live a more ‘struggle-free’ life.  Since my early 20’s, I have been vigilant  in caring for my skin, most often choosing products that are as close to “natural” or “organic” as they can be.  As a teenager I had abundant acne problems, which I later attributed, in part, to a sensitivity to dairy (after my skin cleared up after stopping drinking milk!)

 At first, when my daughter Hillary told me of Rodan + Fields, my first reaction was truthfully --- “oh no . . . another multi-level marketing scheme and it isn’t even organic!”.  Hillary told me that she always had amazing results with the ProActive (which is a Rodan + Fields product).  I trusted Hillary’s  gut instinct when she called to say she was going to give Rodan + Fields a try since her skin has always given her problems, most recently after having three children she has been dealing with melasma  (tan or dark skin discoloration).  After a couple of weeks of using the products designed to work with this problem, Hillary noticed a marked difference.   So, I finished off the “organic” skin products I was using, took the “Solutions Tool” test which suggested that I started with the REVERSE regimen which works with brown spots, dullness and discoloration.  I signed up as a Preferred Customer (got some $$$ off for this) and started on the REVERSE 4-product regimen with the guarantee of 60 days return if not satisfied (I like that!)  After one week of using the product, I started really liking how different my skin felt, and after two weeks – I really liked the results in the mirror.  So, I decided, why not become a Consultant and help clients who come to me with skin issues? 

It is my first week as a Consultant and I will let you know how things go.  Right now, I am impressed by the products Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields (Stanford-trained Dermatologists) have come up with for the “aging” population.  I am excited to try the:

Micro-exfoliator – use only once per week

Micro-exfoliation roller – for skin firming benefits

Multi-Function Eye Cream

Acute Care – use instead of having BOTOX!


There are four different lines to choose from, but some people need to mix and match.

UNBLEMISH – for acne, blemishes & breakouts

REVERSE – for brown spots, dullness & discoloration

REDEFINE – for lines, pores and loss of firmness

SOOTHE – irritated skin and facial redness