Karen Ritchie, Acupuncturist


I believe the best testimonial comes directly from the people I've helped.   I am extremely fortunate that all my business comes to me from referrals --- via family members or friends who have had appointments with me, or from other practitioners.  Here are a few testimonials to read.

I have suffered from severe migraines for about 30 years and have been to at least 20 health professionals who have prescribed many tests and strong medications.  None of this worked to change things.  These daily headaches limited my life to a great extent.  My daughter saw Karen in November for problems with allergies.  With dietary changes she was a different person in a very few weeks.  She persuaded me to make an appointment with Karen, which I did in February.  Karen discovered that 6 weeks I had gone from a headache every day to 3 during the time period.  At the time of this writing, I have not had a headache for over 5 weeks.  I have had to make adjustments to my daily eating but it is not a sacrifice considering how much better I feel.  I have so appreciated Karen's knowledge and support in making this difference in my oife.  She is an amazing health professional.  Thank you so much Karen!  . . . . M. Morton


For many years I have been sick with bowel and stomach issues and an overall feeling of being unwell.  In the early 90's I had my gall bladder removed with no improvement in my symptoms.  The bouts of diarrhea and stomach problems were usually followed up by blood and stool samples, upper GI's and colonoscopies.  This went on for years and the usual diagnosis was IBS and fibromyalgia.  I was not open to taking medication to treat these as I felt that these were a catch all for illnesses that the conventional doctors did not have a good grip on.  I decided to do things the natural way and my life changed dramatically for the better the day I met Karen Ritchie, a warm campassionate, knowledgeable person who really cares.  Through Meridian Stress Assessment, dietary changes, supplements, acupuncture and Reiki, Karen was able to detect and successfully treat all of my issues, including the detection of a sensitivity to a metal post in a repaired tooth (which had caused me to lose my singing voice and to feel extremely weak for some time).  The subsequent removal of the toothad immediate benefits to my singing voice and my energy level was restored.  I have only touched on a few areas where Karen's knowledge and expertise have been a blessing to me - I could list many more.  I hope that by reading my testimonial, you might gain the courage to reach out to her as I did.  I continue to see Karen periodically just to keep tabs on things.  I feel great, energized and able to enjoy life!  M. LeBlanc


 I came to see Karen because I was interested in achieving optimum health.  I had made a lot of lifestyle changes over the past 10 years, including moving from being an obese, burn-out coporate executive to becoming a yoga teacher and yoga studio owner.  Being healthy and modelling that life style choice is an everyday part of my life.  I remember sitting down with Karen during the intital consult.  I told her that the reason I was there was because I was curious about what affect my food choices had on my health and if I might have some food sensitivities.  My symptoms included:le to point me in the direction of  energy dips and bloating.  I had passed that off as part of the "life change" that I was going through.   Karen and her magic machine were able to point me in the direction of food sensitivites that I wasn't aware of.  For 4 months I followed the diet changes that Karen prescribed.  The end result was I feel full of energy and vitality.  I have all "green" balanced bars on my report!  As a side benefit, I also lost 15 pounds.  I think rather than listening to what nutritional experts say, everyone should be tested to see what their own body really needs.  It might surprise you - as it did me.   D. Spence, Owner of 108 Yoga


I found Karen Ritchie at a time of desperation in my life with regards to my health.  During the winter months of 2013 my health was continuing to still decline.  It seemed that everything I ate or all the medicines I was taking nothing seemed to be working.  I was reacting severely to foods even to the ones I had been eating for years without issues were now becoming a problem.  

In 2010 my health had hit a very low point.  Simply breathing had become very difficult and my chest very heavy feeling all the time, sinuses went into chronic mode usually just during the season change in the spring and fall where now almost monthly, there was a lot of discomfort in my upper body, nausea in my stomach every day, muscles cramping in my legs and feet.  Under my breast area was this constant pressure as well.  Some days were bad with headaches in my head and my face.  I was also told I had reflux but never experienced heartburn.  My health was very low in 2010.  A salesclerk, at a local health food store I was becoming to know well, suggested that I should go to see Karen Ritchie.  She felt that Karen would be a great asset to me in my quest to try to regain my health.

I met with Karen in August 2013 providing her with a few pages of my medical history.  When she greeted me she said she was certain after reading the history that she knew exactly what was wrong and where to start.  I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful those words sounded to me.  She quickly discovered that I had a “Bug” I had picked up while travelling. She suggested I had had it for a while and it was also one that was very hard to get rid of.  Because of the type I had I needed to alert my Medical Doctor in order to obtain the medicine I would need to take.  It was never detected in any x-ray or test I had previously had over the past several years.  The procedure she wanted me to take took 24 hrs. -  I took 3 pills.  When I woke the next morning I can only describe my experience this way.  I felt like I had been stretched, very thin feeling, I felt long like I was all of a sudden very tall.  Then I immediately noticed my stomach was not upset as it was every day. I felt so good all over.  In the next eight weeks, we eliminated a variety of foods in order to cleanse the system.  

My return visit to Karen was exciting and scary at the same time wondering if worked.  It was gone! She reviewed all the things that had showed up in the first test and to my surprise foods that I was not able to eat now showed I could.  Most all the things that were stressed were now normal.  Thanks to Karen my life was changed in just a matter of weeks.  All of the things that hurt did not hurt any more.  My thinking was ever clearer. I felt alive.  I was not losing my mind after all.  I do not take any more medicine for reflux.  I do not have it.     

Food issues go on detected and some can cause a great deal of problems in the body without us even knowing it.  If you have anything you are concerned about or want to check out I fully recommend you see Karen.  She has helped me and she could very well help you. . .  Sincerely - Lyn